Latest Top 10 Types Of Robot 2019

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Welcome to body system technology Today I will share with you info about Latest top 10 types of robot 2019 if you are looking about latest technologies you are on right place.

A robot is a machine—particularly one programmable by a PC—fit for doing an intricate arrangement of activities automatically.

Robots can be guided by an outside control gadget or the control might be inserted inside.

Robots might be built on the lines of human structure, however most robots are machines intended to play out an undertaking with no respect to what they look like.

Robots can be self-ruling or semi-self-governing and range from humanoids, for example, Honda’s Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility (ASIMO) and’s TOSY Ping Pong Playing Robot (TOPIO) to modern robots, medicinal working robots, quiet help robots, hound treatment robots, on the whole customized swarm robots, UAV automatons, for example, General Atomics MQ-1 Predator, and even minute nano robots. By emulating a similar appearance or mechanizing developments, a robot may pass on a feeling of knowledge or thought of its own.

Independent things are relied upon to multiply in the coming decade, with home robotics and the self-ruling vehicle as a portion of the primary drivers.

The part of innovation that manages the plan, development, task, and use of robots, just as PC frameworks for their control, tangible input, and data preparing is robotics.

These advances manage computerized machines that can replace people in risky situations or assembling forms, or look like people in appearance, conduct, or cognizance.

Huge numbers of the present robots are propelled naturally adding to the field of bio-roused robotics. These robots have likewise made a fresher part of robotics: delicate robotics.

From the season of old progress there have been numerous records of client configurable robotized gadgets and even automate taking after creatures and people, structured basically as stimulation.

As mechanical systems created through the Industrial age, there seemed increasingly viable applications, for example, computerized machines, remote-control and remote-control.

Top 10 types of robot

Stationary Robots

Stationary robots will be robots those work without chaning their positions. Alluding the robot as “stationary” does not imply that the robot really isn’t moving. What “stationary” signifies is the base of the robot does not move during task.

These sort of robots for the most part control their condition by controlling the position and direction of an end-effector. Stationary robot class incorporates robotic arms, Cartesian robots, cylinderical robots, round robots, SCARA robots and parallel robots.

1.1 Cartesian/Gantry Robots

1.2 Cylindrical Robots

1.3 Spherical Robots

1.4 SCARA Robots

1.5 Robotic Arms – (Articulated Robots )

Types Of Robot:Wheleed Robots

Wheeled robots will be robots which change their situations with the assistance of their wheels. Wheeled movement for a robot can be accomplished effectively in mechanical terms and its expense is really low. Also control of wheeled development is commonly simpler.

These reasons make wheeled robots a standout amongst the most much of the time seen robots. Single wheeled robots, versatile ball robots, two-wheeled robots, three-wheeled robots, four-wheeled robots, multi-wheeled robots and followed robots are instances of wheeled robots.

2.1 Single Wheel (Ball) Robots

2.2 Two-Wheeled Robots

2.3 Three Wheeled Robots

2.4.Four Wheeled Robots

2.5.Multi Wheeled Robots

2.6.Tracked Robots

Micro Robots

By definition small scale robots term is utilized to determine the two robots that have measurements on micrometer scale and robots that can work on micrometer goals.

In this manner both perhaps huge stationary robots that can control their condition on a micrometer scale and little robots that are really estimated by micrometers are called small scale engines.Latest Top 10 Types Of Robot 2019

Modular Robots

Like swarm robots, particular robotic frameworks additionally have different robots in their setups. Modules of these frameworks are progressively practical contrasted with a robotic crowd.

For instance a solitary module of a secluded robotic framework can have self-versatility and it can work alone. The intensity of secluded robotics originates from its adaptability in its arrangements.

Modules of a secluded robotic framework can make altogether different arrangements and the robots made along these lines can have unmistakable capacities.


Latest Top 10 Types Of Robot 2019

Made by: Sony

Tallness: 61cm

Articulated “trinket” the name means “mission for interest” in Japanese.

Reason: To live with you, make life fun and fulfill you.

What would it be able to do? Walk, talk, run, move, perceive voices and faces, take care of business recreations and surf the web.


Foot sensors so it can play soccer.

Lower legs with rotating conjunctures so it can stroll on uneven surfaces.

Lifts itself up in the wake of falling and even takes a look at itself for harm.

Moves with snappy, smooth developments. Look at this video of QRIO moving.

Types Of Robot:ASIMO

Made by: Honda

Tallness: 1.2m

ASIMO represents: Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, it likewise takes its name from robotic visionary Isaac Asimov.

Reason: Began in 1986 as an investigation into human development and has since advanced into a robot fit for a wide scope of errands.

What would it be able to do? It can walk, run, turn corners, perceive hand signals, convey items, move and move here and there stairs.


May be the most developed humanoid robot on the planet.

Can perform straightforward undertakings, for example, exchanging on a light switch.


Latest Top 10 Types Of Robot 2019

Made by: NEC

Stature: 38cm

PaPeRo represents: Partner-type Personal Robot

Reason: To both engage and help around the house.

What would it be able to do? Perceives discourse, talks, moves, reacts to clients, controls family unit gadgets.


Perceives 650 expressions and 3000 words.

Can remotely control your TV and surf the web.

Intended to look charming so people feel defensive as opposed to compromised.Latest Top 10 Types Of Robot 2019


Latest Top 10 Types Of Robot 2019

Made by: Sony (Japan)

Stature: 27cm

AIBO represents: Artificial Intelligent Robot

AIBO highlights an assortment of faculties:

Contact – Feels human contact through sensors on head, back, jawline and paws.

Hearing – Detects sound through a couple of stereo receivers, voice acknowledgment.

Sight – Color camera, remove sensors and facial acknowledgment.

Parity – Keeps balance through speeding up sensors.

Different highlights:

AIBO has 5 fundamental senses: Love, Search, Movement, Recharge and Sleep

Each AIBO starts life as an infant little dog, after some time it will build up its own special character dependent on how it is raised.

AIBO likes to move and play with his toys – An AIBOne and pink ball, he likewise prefers to perform traps with them.

At the point when AIBO is low on power he will search out his vitality station without anyone else.

AIBO can take photographs on order or at whatever point he decides to, these can be sent by means of email or put away on his memory card.

AIBO can take care of you’re house when you are away, he can recognize development and sound, snapping a photo and informing you by means of email.

Just as voice acknowledgment, you can likewise impart to AIBO utilizing his illustrations cards, these are valuable when the surroundings are uproarious.Latest Top 10 Types Of Robot 2019

Soft Elastic Robots

Delicate/flexible robots, are new acquaintances with robotics. These robots are by and large bio-roused. Most applications are roused from squids or inchworms both basically and practically.

13.Snake Robots

14.Crawler Robots

15.Hybrid Robots

Cartesian Robots

Latest Top 10 Types Of Robot 2019

Cartesian robots, which are additionally called direct robots or gantry robots, are modern robots that work on three straight tomahawks that utilization the Cartesian Coordinate framework (X, Y, and Z), which means they move in straight lines on 3-pivot (all over, in and out, and side to side). Cartesian robots are a famous decision due to being exceptionally adaptable in their designs, enabling clients to modify the robot’s speed, exactness, stroke length, and size. Cartesian Robots are a standout among the most ordinarily utilized robot types for mechanical applications and are regularly utilized for CNC machines and 3D printing.Latest Top 10 Types Of Robot 2019

Types Of Robot:Articulated Robots

Latest Top 10 Types Of Robot 2019

Articulated Robots mechanical development and design intently takes after a human arm. The arm is mounted to a base with a curving joint.

The arm itself can highlight somewhere in the range of two rotating joints up to ten revolving joints which go about as tomahawks, with each extra joint or pivot taking into account a more noteworthy level of movement.

Most Articulated Robots use four or six-pivot. Ordinary applications for Articulated Robots are get together, curve welding, material dealing with, machine tending, and bundling.

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